Amisha Patel Fucked hard whole Night (Part 1)

It was very late at night and I was rushing toward home, with a quite good speed. Suddenly I saw a lady showing the thumb in same direction where I was going, she was well dressed in maroon sari with a shawl over it. I got confused what to do? Should I help her or not? By getting myself in that situation I got very near to her and finally I had applied brakes which were done by it self. So I stopped the bike very near to her, I saw a car was broken down and the lady just want a help, now I got relaxed that the case is genuine, I asked the lady “what happened ? Anything serious? She replied with frustration “yes my car has broken down, and I just want to reach at my place”. By that time I saw the face of that lady and I was surprised and just shouted her name ” AMISHA PATEL!!!”

She just gave a smile and said “ yep you are very right, I am Amisha  Patel !!, and I just need your help , plz help me and drop me at my place which is very near ….plzzz” I was speechless, just a my dream girl was standing in front of me, I couldn’t believed my luck. Suddenly I got in conscious as Amisha’s voice again appeared in surroundings “plz don’t deny, if u want then I am ready to pay for it to you….plz I beg you for help!!...plzz! ”
I said” ok, no probes, come on, I will drop you at your place. Amisha again gave a smile and sit at my back seat with her right hand at my shoulder, her touch just passed a current in my body, but some how I controlled and started  the bike and moved. My heart was beating at the fastest rate ever; I didn’t believe the most fucked girl of my dreams is just sitting at my back seat, suddenly the dream pose of mine to fuck her strikes in my mind that is the doggy style. I was in my world of fantasy and Amisha was there behind me and telling the way of her apartment, by that time I found myself getting hard due to dreaming of fucking Amisha.
“STOP! STOP!” Amisha shouted.
“Just this building, here it is”
I stopped the bike, and she got down of it and just come beside me and said by having her sari adjusted and a smile on her lips “thank you very much, for so much help, I am very grateful to u”
“No! It’s my pleasure” I replied.
“Ok good night “and by saying this Amisha started turning back for her apartment.
“But mam you are not keeping your word” I said
“Pardon” she said surprisingly
“You said you will pay to me for this” I reminded her words
“Oh very sorry! Tell what you want “she molded her shawl’s bottom and asked me.
I said “just a glass of water, if u doesn’t have a problem”
Oh! Sure just park the bike and come with me” and she waited for to park the bike which I had done very rapidly and we both moved toward her apartment, she opened the door and switched on the lights. It was nice flat. Amisha locked the door and saw me
“I used to live here all alone, have a seat I will get a water for you” she nodded toward sofa, I get on sofa and she take a bottle of water and handed to me and I dunk just a gulp while Amisha turned around and took her shawl off, now the scene which I was seeing now didn’t allow me even to blink. As Amisha took off her shawl her flat back was in front of me with just at strip of bra at the middle and the pallu of sari was hanging side by. Her back was glowing in the light and I got my penis harder into my trouser, at that time I just wanted to open that bra hook and kiss, rub and feel that white, flat, smooth back of MISS AMISHA PATEL.
After keeping her shawl on nearer table Amisha turned towards me, she had a transparent maroon color sari which covered her great body and a matching embroidered bra. The bra was deep cut and was not at all enough to hold that big boobies of Amisha, as I can see 40% of that dream boobs. As I got down my eyes little bit lower on her body I found she tied the sari at lowest point where she can hold it, hence I can see her well toned belly through her transparent sari. Amisha’s body was so tempting that I just want to slide my tongue at all over her part; I was hardly able to resist myself to give her navel fuck.

“Have you drunk it?” Amisha asked
By then my penis was totally got erected in my trouser and I am sure one can notice it by seeing that.
Suddenly Amisha noticed and she had a look of my penis, and smiled in a cunning way.
“Are you sure you just want water for your thirst?” she questioned me and was still smiling.
I got nervous and replied in fast “yes” “But I don’t think so, I feel, you want some thing more; tell me what else do you want?” while saying that she walked very near to me, and her belly was less than a foot away from me. I was speechless.
“Otherwise, what the fuck are you thinking abut? To have this happened to you” while saying this she just bent downwards and placed her hand over my penis. She even didn’t give me the chance to speak out anything and she pressed her lips tightly against mine, she was so strong that she pulled me in standing with her. Now we started to kiss each other passionately, my hands were sliding on her belly and waist, and soon I held her buttock cheeks and started lifting her and separating her ass cheeks apart, and I found this excited her much as she reacted in the kissing process. We kiss, bite, lick each other’s lips for a long time, my penis was rubbed by her thighs and I am sure she got the feeling of it. Suddenly AMISHA started pulling my shirt and said “remove your clothes I want to see your weapon, come on!!!”And she unbelted my trouser and take it off along with my underwear. I was all naked in front of her and my penis was erected pointing towards her, she pushed me hard on sofa and bent down on her knee thus the pallu of her sari fell down and she even didn’t bothered to arrange it because she knew what she was going to do is much beyond all these.
She looked at my penis with greed in her eyes as she desperately in need of it; she just took my penis in her flick of palm and uncovered the head cap of it, now the upper cap of my prick was in open. Amisha now leaning toward my penis and just lick the head of my prick with her hot tongue, my penis starts jerking, Amisha starts masturbating for me and asked “when did you masturbate last time?” I replied “almost 15 days back”
“Long ago, it means you have plenty of stuff stored, let some come out now” she said with excitement, and take my penis deep into her mouth, she started sucking it like a lollypop and licked all my precum. Very soon I realized that I am going to cum and I acknowledged Amisha by my hisses so she started shaking my penis very hard.
“COME ON!!! show me YOUR LOAD, I want to see  your white cum, so cum baby, show me the firework of your semen COME ON CUM!!!!!!!” she started moaning and this makes me more excited and I shattered by throwing  sticky semen high in the air, and a thick drop of my semen dropped on the beautiful hair of AMISHA.
“WOW!!! COME DOWN IN BEDROOM, NOW LET US BEGIN THE REAL ACTION” she wowed me and started walking towards bedroom. But I just pulled her sari by the pallu, her sari tuck-in got opened and she fell in my arms, I started kissing her lips furiously and she supported me without resistance
I said “dear I want to see you naked; I want to see these globes”
“Call me either with my name or abuse me, and secondly what I wanted to see I got it uncovered by myself if u want to see anything uncover it yourself” she replied with teasing smile, I started licking her lips ,cheeks and started coming down, Amisha just closed her eyes and favored me with her soft moaning. I slide the strips of her blouse from both of her shoulders and started kissing and licking her chest and half opened boobs, now I took one of my hands over the hook at backside of blouse and the most delicious boobs of bollywood was just a hook away from me and I didn’t wasted a single second to opened it. I just pulled the hook and took off the blouse but before I got the chance to witness them fully Amisha covered them with their hands
“Sorry I can’t let you play with these, they are precious.” she said in teasing manner.
“you can’t bitch, now its too late, I can do anything to suck these melons, so get your hands down” by saying this I took her hand off from her boobs and pushed her to laid on sofa and I held one of her melons and started meshing it
Amisha laughed and said “oh god!! I was just joking, it’s all yours, suck them hard, drink all my milk, suck me darling, and don’t let these melons to tease you ever!!!!!” Amisha shouted with pleasure and she closed her eyes to enjoy the sucking of her boobs. I took the pink nipple of her second boob and started sucking it really hard, I started nibbling her nipple and by other hand I fondled the other tit really hard.
She moaned “oh Christ, you are so good in boob sucking, you exactly know what to do with my fucking tits, suck it you fucker, just drink my milk uuuuuuu…….” I was finding all my desires fulfilling, I was playing with the biggest and sexiest melons of bollywood, I slide my hand over her opened waist, belly and her bare back, then I entered my right hand in her sari and slide it upon her heavy thighs and slowly to her big buttock. We both were moaning loudly in the room, I was totally engaged with Amisha’s boobs, and lips, meanwhile I held her big buttock strongly and started squeezing her ass cheeks. Suddenly Amisha pushed me and standup and said “I think this sari has no place between us “and she started to remove her sari and it took her a few seconds and now she was standing just in a pink panty in front of me. She asked “how do I look” and she smiled by resting her hands on her waist. “You looked like thing which is meant only for fucking continuously” I also got in standing and hold her in my arms
“Yes I am meant only for fucking, so come on fuck me,…..fuck me in all the possible ways…..ripe me baby” Amisha moaned and just hold my face and started kissing my lips and also pushed her tongue in my mouth, I also started biting her lips and slide my hand on her bare back, and soon I grabbed her buttock cheeks and started squeezing them. “OK!! Tell me whom you use to fuck most of the times in your dreams?” She asked me. “You darling!!!” I replied.” And what’s your desire to do with me?” she again asked me having smile on her face. I said “I want to fuck you 100 times. You bitch!!!”    And I started kissing her furiously.
She shouted “one hundred times!!!!!!!!! That’s good” she bent down and grabbed my cock and said
“So this is going to fill my holes hundred times!! So let’s start the action without wasting time baby”.
 And she took the head of my cock into her mouth and started sucking it. Slowly, Amisha started to take my whole cock inside her mouth; I was just seeing that whore while she was busy in sucking the cock as she liked its taste. She pushed me on sofa again and she sits on her knees and started jerking her mouth over my penis to and fro, I grabbed her through her hair to make sure her hair should not come on her face so that I can’t miss her expression while she was sucking me. She was fucking me with her mouth too hard and it was not easy for me to resist too long and soon I felt I am going to ejaculate, and thus I started pushing my cock deep into Amisha’s throat. Amisha also was showing all her tricks of cock sucking to me, she took my cock out of her mouth, my cock was shining in light as her saliva was spread on all over the cock, she held my cock with her right hand and having smile on her lips she stares at me. “Do you like it? Just see your cock its all soak with my saliva, that by the saliva of Amisha Patel, whom you fucked most in your dreams, tell me where you want me to take your cum? ” she asked me, “I want you to drink my cum, you bitch!!, take it in your throat, you are the real slut” I replied with moaning. “You bastard you want me to take your cum in my mouth!!, you are fucker, OK now come on give me your charge right in my mouth!!” Amisha shouted.

And she again took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it, and it took me just a few seconds to explode my hot semen in her mouth, and I was surprised with the amount of semen I discharged in Amisha’s mouth as a some of my white shake comes out of her mouth, but Amisha didn’t care about it and she was sucking my cock to make sure she didn’t missed even a single drop of my juice. And after making sure that there is nothing much left in me she took off my cock from her mouth which had lost all its strength by then. She slide her tongue to gather my cum which comes on her lips while she was sucking. After that she took her tongue out and bent toward my limb and started licking it so that not a pinch of my cum get waste.
I asked her “how did you find the taste of it?” She looked at me and licked my entire penis and replied “it was delicious, I liked that”. Then I dragged Amisha on sofa through her arms and said “Come on baby show me your pussy!!” “Yes fucker takes off my panty, pop my cheery, I told you everything is for you…..I am ready to serve my body to you hundred times…”And Amisha spread her legs apart in air, I drenched her panty through her legs; oh my god she was so wet, her pussy was so wet by her own juice. I rubbed her panty at her pussy to soak all her juice and get good view of her heavenly hole. Her pussy was so inviting, Amisha’s cunt lips were thick and puffy. It was pink in color as I expected, and there were no hairs around her pussy it seems like she shaved one day back. I hold her heavy thighs and spread them more apart so that Amisha’s cunt lips get untouched and it worked, I can see Amisha’s valley. I started kissing on Amisha’s thighs and she closed her eyes to eagerly started waiting for my kiss on her pussy. I kissed her heavy, creamy thighs very gently and slowly moved my tongue towards her cunt. I licked every area of her cunt from thighs to her belly, now its time for her cunt to receive my tongue, I started kissing Amisha’s pussy; I teased her cunt lips with my teeth. I inserted two of my fingers in her pussy hole a started sliding my tongue on her clit, I can feel the heat of her pussy; it was burning like a tandoor. In her pussy my fingers were totally got wet by her cunt juice. I asked her “Amisha would you like to taste your juice baby?” She was so hot, she replied in her cute voice” yes I would like, put your fucking fingers in mouth, I want to lick them HONEYYYYY!!1!!”
The last moan of her was because I teethed her clitoris little bit roughly, then I put my wet fingers in her mouth and she started licking it greedily. Then I folded her legs from her toe and make her  toe to meet her breast, this makes her pussy to lift up; and also her pussy lips get more separated; now I can’t resist my self to insert my tongue in her slit. As I done it Amisha gave a loud moan and she continued it as I started in and out motion of my tongue in her cunt.
Amisha started groaning “OH!! FUCK!! LICK IT!, BITE IT, ITS JUST FOR YOU…..DO ALL THINGS WITH ME AS YOU DO IT WITH WHORES……FUCK ME BABY ….OH UFFF!111” and she started raising her buttock to meet my tongue. Amisha held me with my hair and pressed me against her pink pussy, and I was giving her tongue fuck, my both hands were on her boobs and I was squeezing them hard. I had never thought that I will have Amisha Patel with both of her legs waved in air to show me her pink deep slit. And finally she gave me the signal of her first orgasm as she groaned
And stream of her love juice just scooted from her pussy and comes on my face, she raised her ass while her orgasm. After that storm got silent she pulled me over herself and she started licking my face to clean it, in between she gave me long kiss and we exchanged huge amount of saliva.
Then I said “come on you Amisha now its time to fuck you …..You whore”. And I stood up on the floor and hold her feet, spread them as possible extent as they goes. Amisha also supported me and looked at my cock and said while she spreading her cunt lips for me “come baby burry this rammer in me….here is my hole …come fuck me  ...fuck your dream girl Amisha Patel in all possible manners……COME ON…FUCK ME.” AMISHA shouted. I nodded my cock towards her pink pussy and put it in between Amisha’s  thick cunt lips, Amisha closed her eyes and started waiting for first shot which soon got over as I pushed my cock in her pussy; and then I gave four five more shots to burry my whole cock in Amisha’s pussy. Amisha groaned with pleasure “OH GOD!!!! FUCKER HOW MUCH STILL TO GO IN…..TELL ME “ I told her “just two or three shots more baby”.
“Then push it in my cunt what the hell you r waiting…..COME ON GIVE YOUR RAMMER DEEP INSIDE ME……..FUCK MEEEEE……..AHHHH” AMISHA  shouted. As I gave one hard shot and my whole cock insert in her pussy and she started shouting to minimizing her pain which she liked. After giving the whole cock in her I waited to let her breath, so I leaned towards her boobs and took the nipple of right boob in my mouth and teased it with my teeth, my left hand was on her left boob and I started squeezing her boob. Now slowly Amisha started moaning and her response showed she liked the way I was fucking her, I want to hear it in her voice so I asked “Amisha do you like the way I am fucking you?”
 she looked and me and replied with her moaning “Fucker you want me get dirty, you want me sound like whore, then listen I like your rod in my pussy and I am ready to serve myself to you for  hundred times, now come start fucking me…let my pussy to get wider ….fuck me …fuck me..”
Now she was ready to take the strokes and without wasting any more time I started fucking her, with every stroke her boobs jiggled up and down and slowly I increased the pace of strokes. I held her from her feet just from her thighs so I can move my hands all over her thighs and butt, watching Amisha Patel with spread legs was much enough for me to get my cock hard rock. With each thrust Amisha started begging for more in her moaning voice, she grabbed her boobs with her hands and groaned “ FUCK ME HARD….I AM GOING TO CUM ON YOUR BIG COCK,,COME ON SPREAD THIS VIRGIN PUSSY,.FUCK ME,…. FUCK MY PUSSY”. Amisha opened her eyes and started staring me and moaned loudly as she developed her orgasm. I increased my pace to fuck her, I want to get my cock soaked with Amish’s juice, I shouted “yes Amisha come on just cum on my cock………you whore..Today I am going to fuck continuously till morning…….come on”.
Suddenly Amisha grunted “yes here I goes……..I can’t hold now ………OH GAWD……..OH GAWD……..” And she exploded her juice on my cock which I can feel in her pussy, but I didn’t stop the thrust and now my cock slides easily in her cunt as Amisha’s orgasm lubricated her pussy. Amisha started raising her butt to meet each of my stroke deep in to her cunt with a loud moaning, I spread her legs more and started fucking her furiously, still the water from her pussy went on flowing, and after getting her cunt empty from her fluid Amisha stop moaning. She opened her eyes and grinned while looking at me, Amisha looked so satisfied and she shacked her whole body with each of my stroke, suddenly she said ” don’t you want me to clean your cock with my mouth, dear”
“Yes I want it, you bitch” I replied.
“Then come on give it in my mouth, for...come here” Amisha replied with high enthusiasm.
I moved toward her mouth and she started sucking my cock without loosing any time, Amisha slide her tongue all over my cock to clean it; she liked the taste of cock soaked in her own juice.

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